Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ally Carter: United We Spy Tour in Miami

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Ally Carter, the woman behind I'd Tell You I Love But Then I'd Have To Kill You, the first book of the Gallagher Girls series, went on a book tour for United We Spy (sadly the last book of the series). And we had the opportunity to meet her again. The first time was when Melissa de la Cruz and her toured a couple years ago for Ally's Heist Society and Mel's, I believe it was Lost in Time (I'm not sure, I have to consult my friend because I forgot). But anyway, this time it was held in Books & Books in Bal Harbour Shops in Miami.

I love her. I love Ally. Ohh there we go! The secret's out! But really, when she was introduced you don't know how excited I was. Actually, how excited my friend and I were. We are huge fans of Ally, and not just Ally but the literary world in general. 

When Ally was on the podium and started talking, she went directly to the "fun part" which was the Q&A part, and of course everyone was happy about, giggling actually. Most of the event participants were much younger than me, and they were the one who asked more questions. There was this girl who actually wrote down her questions, and so Ally started calling her Liz (Hey, my name's Liz too! Well, derived from my real name.) Ally really interacted with her readers, and she gave out advices, and warned everyone about spoilers! 

After that, she was signing books. And I'm so happy I have two books signed by her!!! When we got to her, she asked me where I went to school and how old I was. And of course, as always, got starstruck and sort of stuttered. But, she didn't notice. I hope. We took a picture, and then I mentioned that we met her before with Mel (the same people I was with).
Then, she proceeded with signing my friend's book and asked us about Instagram, and if it posts only pictures and videos, and we said yes. Then we told her she can post a pic on Twitter via Instagram (and also on Tumblr). 

Then the next day, she made an account in Instagram!!! YAYYYY!!! Follow her there by the way, it's @theallycarter

The event was unforgettable. I am hoping to see her again sometime in the near future.

Also, I am going to be signing out as a student of Gallagher Academy once I finish the book.

This has been Candy Musings, reporting and well, musings.

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